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Immune support for everyone

Animal Immune - your ultimate shield against the elements that threaten to keep you out of the gym. This power-packed formula is brimming with a robust blend of 1000mg of Vitamin C and 75 mcg of Vitamin D, alongside vital minerals like zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. These are your body's warriors, ready to fortify your immune system(*)  and keep you on track with your fitness goals.

But that's not all. We've also infused our unique formula with a selection of natural plant herbs and potent antioxidants, creating a comprehensive Immune Support Complex designed to supercharge your body's defenses.

Animal Immune goes above and beyond with its bioavailable, essential vitamins like C, D, and Zinc. This dynamic trio works in unison to keep your system armored, alert, and always ready for action. It doesn't stop there - we've added an Immune Herbal Support Complex and an Immune Antioxidant Complex to the mix.

We understand your busy lifestyle, which is why we've made it easy for you. With the Animal Immune Pak, you can arm your immunity with ease, anytime, anywhere. And if you prefer a tasty way to take your vitamins, we've got you covered! Our formula also comes in delicious powders.

Get your hands on Animal Immune today, and ensure your fitness journey never takes a backseat. Stay strong, stay protected, and let your inner animal roar!

(*) Health claim on Vitamin C, D and Zinc authorised within the European Union.

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Our Ironclad guarantee



We offer a "no-questions-asked" 14-day 100% guarantee.

Our heritage, your benefit

At Animal, we do things a little differently than you might be used to. Found in 1977, we have been around. We run our own factory and make all of our supplements ourselves, unlike 99% of all other sports brands you come across. Our company is a family owned business and is not part of a large conglomerate. Profit is not our driving force; longevity is. So we shall only meet our goals if we continuously satisfy you and the generations to come. What matters to us most is your opinion. Your experience, your results and your word of mouth.

Our products are manufactured using only high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world and are tested to meet the highest quality standards. We are involved in every business process, from development to production of our supplements. That's why we stand behind every pill, every powder, and every single Animal "pak" we make.

Our brands determination to be your top of mind is clearly visible in everything we do. And we hope you are and will remain satisfied!