Moms question: are food supplements safe?

Moms question: are food supplements safe?

The use of dietary supplements and pre-workout drinks is becoming increasingly popular, but unfortunately, we still see a lot of negative media coverage about doping and dangerous ingredients. This is often spread by people without medical knowledge and without factual basis, which can lead to unnecessary panic and uncertainty among athletes and their families.

Fortunately, in the Netherlands where we are located, and throughout Europe, we have very strict regulations on dietary supplements, which allows you to safely order your supplements online. However, it's important to use common sense and adhere to the recommended daily maximum dosage of supplements, especially when it comes to caffeine and pre-workout drinks.

Our Animal pre-workout supplements are designed to support the advanced athlete, and we offer varying doses of caffeine so that you can control your intake. It's important to remember that an excessive amount of caffeine can cause side effects, particularly in inexperienced users, and we recommend keeping the total daily dose under 400mg.

Stacking different caffeine-containing supplements can lead to overdosing and should, therefore, be monitored. We also recommend considering your individual cardiovascular health and always consulting a doctor if you have underlying medical conditions.

Our website and the labels of all our caffeine-containing products clearly state the amount of caffeine in each serving. If you're new to pre-workout supplements, always start with a half serving. For a healthy adult, the daily safe dosage of caffeine is 400mg.

For reference, you can use the following intake:

  • Animal Pump Pro - 0mg
  • Animal Cuts Non-Stim - 0mg
  • Coffee - 80mg
  • Tea - 40mg
  • RedBull 250ml - 80mg
  • Monster 500ml - 160mg
  • Animal Primal - 200mg
  • Animal Fury - 350mg

In short, be aware of your body and the total daily intake of caffeine and dietary supplements in fitness and bodybuilding. At Animal our pre-workout supplements are of high quality, contain absolutely no doping or banned substances, and are designed to help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions, simply ask us. That's what we're here for.

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